16 Outstanding Date Ideas That They Will Think Are Wonderful

Congratulations on making it through the first date and possibly a second or third. Maybe you have been dating for a few weeks, months, or even years? Your partner and you have shared some quality time and the future is looking positive. At some point, you will find yourself asking “Where to go on our next date?”. Below are some outstanding date ideas that they will think are wonderful!  


  1. Cooking Class
    Do a little research and find a class that will allow you to fix a meal that you both will appreciate.  A cooking class will show your partner that you are open to new experiences.  If you have never done a cooking class with your partner, you will find it is an incredible bonding experience that can be very romantic as well.

  2. Drive-In Movie
    There is something magical about drive-in movies. Maybe it is the nostalgia or possibly it is the idea that it is kind of a private showing for you two, but drive-in movies have a history of being a great date event since the 1950s.
  3. Dance Class
    A dance class is likely something they have not done on a date before. Show them your spontaneous side by scheduling a dance class for the two of you. This activity will likely bring the two of you closer and they will love the idea of this very romantic date.

  4. Picnic
    Taking the time to plan and put everything together for a picnic will show them you care. Go all out and buy a picnic basket, blanket and make a nice meal to make them feel special.
  5. Tour a Winery or Brewery
    If either of you likes wine or beer, a tour and tasting would be an outstanding date. Learn more about libations and the work that is involved in the beverages you enjoy.  You’ll earn extra points if you can swing an intimate stroll through a beautiful vineyard together.

  6. Horseback Riding
    Schedule an afternoon trail ride or horseback riding lessons for your partner and you. Learning something new will help the two of you bond and grow together.

  7. Spa Day Date
    If you have been together for more than a few dates, there is nothing like being pampered together at a romantic spa date. Taking the time to relax together will wash away worries or concerns of day-to-day life and allow you to relish in this new experience together.
  8. Dinner at a New Restaurant
    Have you had your eye on a new restaurant in town? Did one of your friends tell you about a favorite place? Surprise your partner with reservations for you two and make an evening of it!  Start with dinner at a new restaurant and see where the night takes you!

  9. Museum
    Do a little research and find a local museum or exhibit that both of you would be interested in. This is a good opportunity for the two of you to connect intimately regardless of it being a public event.
  10. Take Flight!
    Find a local company that offers hot air balloons, helicopter rides, or scenic flights for a breathtaking experience.  Don’t forget your camera so you can make the memory last forever.

  11. Local Coffee Shop
    Sometimes simple is the best idea. Visit a local coffee shop instead of the regular national chain. Enjoy the ambiance and environment together while you share this time. This might be a good opportunity to try out a new coffee or tea!
  12. Aquarium or Zoo
    The aquarium or zoo is a fantastic weekday or weekend event. This is a great chance for conversation while taking in each animal exhibit. Find out what their favorite animals or exhibits are. The aquarium or zoo will present endless topics to talk about. Don’t forget to take pictures to show your grandchildren one day!
  13. Day Trip or Road Trip
    You might need a map for this one! Plan a day trip or a road trip to somewhere new.  Driving trips provide an amazing opportunity to talk, laugh, listen to music and better connect as you share the experience.  Maybe you can find a small diner somewhere along your way and have a new spot to visit in the future. This idea is just about you two getting away and being alone together. Get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and just enough the temporary freedom of the road.

  14. Painting Class
    Private or group painting classes can be a great way to show your artistic and fun side! The two of you can be creative while learning something new together.
  15. Visit a Botanical Garden
    A romantic walk through a beautiful garden while holding hands is the essence of love. Sometimes simply enjoying the presence of one another can be magical. Taking the time to enjoy the scenery when it is just the two of you will make an amazing memory.
  16. Couples Massage
    Schedule a couples massage for your partner and you. This is a romantic and intimate way to connect. Both of you will enjoy the relaxing experience and they will be grateful you were considerate enough to plan this event together.

To summarize, it is now time to begin making plans for your favorite date ideas! Start looking at your calendar and making arrangements for the two of you to have some incredible date adventures soon! Remember, dating is just one aspect of maintaining a healthy relationship.


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