5 True Signs of a Committed Partner

How can you tell if your partner is truly committed? There are 4 true signs of a committed partner that you should be able to identify. Let’s take a closer look at what they are, shall we?

They Spend Quality Time With You

The first true sign of a committed partner is their desire to spend quality time with you. If your partner tries to avoid this, it could be a red flag and cause problems for you down the line. They shouldn’t throw out excuses as to why they can’t make time for you. Instead, they should enjoy having that special time with you all to themselves. Now, we aren’t saying that every partner should negate personal time. What we are saying is that if your partner makes you feel like they don’t want to devote time to you, you may be wasting your time.

They are Open About Finances

The second true sign of a committed partner is their openness regarding finances. Do you find yourself desiring a partner that is transparent about the money they spend and save? Good, that’s the kind of partner that values commitment. If you find yourself having to pull your partner’s teeth about the bank account, you could be uncovering an issue that will only get worse over time. A partner that isn’t afraid of commitment won’t have an issue sharing their finances with you. They won’t have anything to hide and they will have every intention of laying everything out on the table. Money can be a trigger for much stress in any relationship so you don’t want a partner who will withhold from you in the very beginning. 

They Aren’t Afraid of Contracts

Another true sign of a committed partner involves contracts. When they see one, they don’t run! One thing is for sure, it is harder to get out of a contract than to get into one. So if your partner is showing you that they aren’t hesitant to take this very serious step with you – whether it be marriage, a car or buying property – then you two are in a good place. 

They Talk About Bodily Functions

The next true sign of a committed partner is their comfort level in talking about bodily functions. Have you ever dated someone that you were afraid to poop around? Have you ever held in a fart? These situations may sound funny, but they happen to dating couples everywhere. When you get to a point where you and your partner can talk about bodily functions without trying to hide anything, you know you’ve come a long way. If your relationship is already there, give yourself and your partner a pat on the back!

They Consider You During Decisions

Lastly, a committed partner will always consider you during any important decision-making. This is a big one that a plethora of couples overlook. When you are in a relationship, you can’t only think about yourself. If you have a partner that constantly considers you during important decisions, you have a winner! Their inclusion of you means they value your opinion and want to respect your desires. Consider yourself lucky if you have a partner that can see beyond themselves and if you are that partner in return. 

In conclusion, the 4 true signs of a committed partner are easy to spot when they appear. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking or downplaying any red flags, for it will only come back to cause detriment in the future. If your partner shows some or all of these behaviors, it’s time for you to rejoice! Then, take a minute to see if you are that partner in return. Reciprocation is important for the health of any relationship. 

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