How to Make Her Feel Special

If you want to impress a woman or keep her by your side you have to make her feel special. When you do something to make her feel special, you will reap the benefits. She won’t be able to stop thinking about you. There are so many different ways to get her attention. Here are the best ways to make her feel special.

Plan a special night with things she loves

When you really plan something for her she will be so grateful. For it to be really special, cater it to her favorite things. Listen to her, she will definitely be dropping hints about activities that she loves and the things she wants to try with you. For example, you might know her favorite songs or artists. If someone is coming to town, surprise her with tickets to a concert as well as plans for dinner. She will never forget the thought that you put into planning that date.

Send a thoughtful message/voicemail

Waking up to a thoughtful message or voicemail will make a woman’s day. Sending these aren’t just limited to the morning. Random messages throughout the day will let her know that she’s on your mind, chances are you’ll be on her’s too. When you know she’s having a bad or stressful day, this is such a good time to send her a thoughtful message. It will bring a little sunshine to a cloudy day. This doesn’t take a lot of time but it can make a big difference for her.

Compliment her in a unique way

Women get compliments about their bodies all of the time. While this may be a nice compliment, it’s not something that will stick in her mind all day. The best compliments that you can give a woman are the ones that are unique to her. Tell her the reasons that you love her mind or how you notice that she is so giving to the people around her. There are things that are meaningful and will show that you pay attention to the deep parts of her and not just her physical features.

Prioritize your time

We all get busy and sometimes it’s hard to make time for our relationships. It’s easy to let things slip away and your girl can start to feel neglected. If this happens, you can make her feel special by taking time out of your schedule to be with her. This does not mean trading something that you don’t care much about. You will make her feel special by taking time from something that you care about. This will yell that she is a priority. Maybe instead of watching the big game with your friends, you watch it with her.

Be there during times of need

This is the time when everyone needs to feel most special. You can take her food when they are sick or take her on a date when she has a lot on her mind. These things are so thoughtful but what will set you apart is sitting with them while they cry or just letting them vent to you when they’re upset. Sometimes the things that make her feel special have nothing to do with spending money or planning out a big event. Making her feel special is more about showing her that you are thoughtful, loyal, and care.


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