5 Steps to Maintaining a Healthy Relationship

It’s easy to see the flaws of ourselves, our partners, and our relationships but healthy relationships try to focus on the positive instead of the negative. They find the best ways to resolve conflict and grow in the relationship. Growing in your relationship takes work and a healthy relationship is actively taking steps to work past the problems. Here are the 5 steps to maintaining a healthy relationship.


Everyone makes mistakes, and to maintain a healthy relationship you must learn how to forgive your significant other for their mistakes. When you finally forgive someone it will release all of the tension between you and be freeing for yourself. If you can’t forgive your partner for something in the past then maybe you should evaluate your relationship. Refusing to forgive will be difficult on you and your partner. You won’t be able to forget what happened in the past, but by forgiving, you are admitting that you are willing to take steps towards moving forward.

Talk About Your Problems

Hard times are inevitable, but the way you decide to deal with your problems speaks a lot about your relationship. If you constantly hold all of your negative feeling in this will only lead to a fall out later. The best thing to do is talk about your problems. When something is bothering you let your partner know in a respectful way. If you address problems when they start, it won’t weigh on you over time. Talk with your partner about how you can improve your problems and really listen to what they have to say as well.

Give Your Partner the Benefit of the Doubt

We have all intentionally or unintentionally hurt someone, especially in relationships when people know the things that bother you most. Relationships are going to have rough moments and times of misunderstandings and confusion. Your partner may say or do something that leaves your flabbergasted and sometimes you just have to give them the benefit of the doubt. The benefit of the doubt is not letting the other person run all over you, but seeing the best in the other person. Sometimes this means understanding that the hurtful thing they said or did was not fueled by their genuine intentions of hurting you, but as a defense mechanism for their own feelings.

Show Compassion

Couples who have a strong compassion for one another are more likely to stay in long relationships. Compassion includes empathy, concern, kindness, and consideration. Building compassion is an important step in a relationship, and this process is important for growth between two people. Compassion is being mindful and factoring in your partner’s feelings at all times. When your partner tells you something actively listen and make them aware that you are there for them. This will help your relationship gain trust, communication, and conflict management skills.

Know Your Boundaries

You know your limits and it’s so important to make sure your partner knows them as well. These boundaries can be emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual. These boundaries can help you and your significant other to feel respected in your relationship. When you talk to your partner about your boundaries, make sure that you use “I feel” statements, instead of “you” statements, which can make someone feel like they are being attacked. Let your partner know how it makes you feel if they were to violate your boundaries and the consequences of this.

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