9 Dating Resolutions To Make 2024 Your Best Year Ever

Now that 2023 is over, it’s time to turn over a new leaf in your love life. While many singles had to hit pause or adjust their dating life in light of the pandemic, as we begin to adjust to this new normal many people are hitting full steam ahead on finding their match. If […]

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3 Of The Best Ways To Avoid Getting Catfished Online

In 2010 when the American documentary Catfish was released on Music Television, MTV, no one would have guessed that a new term would be born. The term catfish is when someone sets up a fake online profile to trick people who are looking for love, usually to get money out of them. Records show 18,000 […]

5 Tips Why You Should Be More Open-Minded for Better Dating

Autumn can be a really great time to date – seriously. Our social calendars are less hectic than they were in summer, but the weather hasn’t turned cold enough yet to make going out feel like a mission. With this in mind, here’s a guide to making the most of the autumn dating window by […]


Online Dating 101: Why We Think It’s Worth It

Usually when you end a long-term relationship or any relationship in general your friends are quick to tell you two things. One, they try hooking you up with their weird friend or cousin that didn’t work the previous five times before when they tried. Second, they tell you how much better off you will be, […]


Mindful Dating: How to Find your Perfect Match in a Crazy World

Hands up if you usually scroll through your favorite online dating app on your phone while watching TV. Do you find yourself agreeing to a date just because someone has asked you and you’re free on Thursday night? We’re probably all a bit guilty of approaching dating in a disengaged way – and feeling unfulfilled […]

Can You Find Your Soulmate and Fall in Love Online?

You feel like you’ve met the one. They’re cute, they’re funny, and you feel like you can both talk for days straight. You finish each other’s sentences and you love the same books and movies. You both have similar goals in life. If things look rosy, you might even see a future with this person.  […]

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Is It Real Love If I Met Them Online?

Have you had the experience of being super excited for a friend who just shared that they’re madly in love, until they tell you, “We finally get to meet in person next month!” Inside your head, you probably hear yourself say, “They’ve lost their mind!” It’s true that they have, indeed, temporarily lost their mind… […]


10 Last Minute, Dad-Approved Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Insert Image Before you even get a chance to pat yourself on the back for finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift, it’s time to start thinking about your dad. With Father’s Day right around the corner, Online Dating Life has rounded up the best gifts for all types of dads. Whether yours is a grill […]

How to Have a Good First Date

So you have the first date planned with someone special?  What is the best way to ensure your date goes well and leads to a lasting connection?  Understanding how to have a good first date starts with taming your nervousness. A lot of anxiety surrounds the idea of the first date.  Will they like you?  […]


4 Astonishing Dating Rules for a Successful 2024

It can get annoying following rules and dating trends in a world with requirements and mandates everywhere. But these rules? They are different. These 4 astonishing dating rules for a successful 2024 can help you tremendously! Step into 2024 with more confidence in your dating game than you’ve ever had before. Rules on Dating #1: […]