4 Astonishing Dating Rules for a Successful 2024

It can get annoying following rules and dating trends in a world with requirements and mandates everywhere. But these rules? They are different. These 4 astonishing dating rules for a successful 2024 can help you tremendously! Step into 2024 with more confidence in your dating game than you’ve ever had before.

Rules on Dating #1: Stop Having a “Type”



When you have a dating “type” of person you’re looking for, you automatically shut yourself off from other possibilities. Guess what? Sometimes, we don’t need the things we want. Have you ever heard someone ask, “why do I keep attracting the same guys/girls?” This is prone to happen to people who only go for a certain type. 

Rules on Dating #2: Leave Your Past Where It Belongs


While it may be tempting to spend 30 minutes talking about your past, don’t. Will your date want to know a little bit about your relationship history? If they are serious about dating you, they definitely will. But what they don’t want to hear is every little detail of why things didn’t work out, why your ex is the worst person in history or why you will never trust another lover again.

If your ex is your ex, that means they are in your rearview for a reason. Don’t bring all of the negativity and hurt from your past into something new you are trying to experience. Why pour oil into a perfectly crisp glass of water before you drink it? Give yourself a fighting chance at romance!

Rules on Dating #3: Don’t Be “Contrary” 


Trying to play Devil’s advocate to create lively debate could go south on the first date. You don’t want to grill someone. You can ask sincere questions without putting negativity into the atmosphere. Wondering why you’re not getting a response from her after the date?

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Rules on Dating #4: Set Your Alcohol Limit Ahead of Time


We make the best decisions when we are in the right frame of mind. Always consider first impressions and what type of person you want to be perceived as. Do you want your date to see you as wild and crazy? Do you think that would ask you on a second date if you happen to throw up in their car on the way home? Probably not.

Be honest with yourself about what your real limit is and make sure you stick to it. Remember, it’s polite for someone to ask if you want another drink, but just because you’re offered one doesn’t mean you have to take it. Some rules are meant to be broken, but don’t break this one. You’ll thank yourself the next morning. 

To conclude, set yourself up to avoid dating disasters. Why put yourself in the position to be stressed out when you can follow a few simple rules instead? These 4 astonishing dating rules for a successful 2022 were created with you in mind. We want you to be victorious in dating so don’t psych yourself out, psych yourself in!

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