First Date Mistakes

You might be able to get dates, but if you can never get to the second date then you need to step up your dating skills. The truth is, you are probably doing some things wrong that won’t allow you to get to the second date. Here are 6 first date mistakes that can make someone not want to see you again.

Arriving late

Your first impression is everything. If you arrive late to your date you might not be able to reconcile later. These type of first date mistakes show that you are being inconsiderate of the other person. Everyone can understand that things happen, so you are going to be late, communicate. Just send a text message saying there was traffic or that something unavoidable came up last minute. Also. as an important tip, do this as soon as you know that you’re going to be late. Not 10 minutes after you are supposed to be meeting!

Being on your phone

Again, the most important thing is communication. If you have an emergency and really need to talk to your mom or your roommate, just let your date know. If you are just in a group chat with your friends as they give you updates to a football game, this is however unacceptable. You are on your date to learn more about the other person and to see if there is potential for more. If you would rather be with your friends, then you should have never gone on the date.

Talking too much

Sometimes, we get nervous on dates and it can definitely turn into some rambling. We can all understand this, but make sure you give the other person a chance to speak as well. No one wants to be on a date with someone who can only talk about themselves. In this situation, you can almost guarantee that there won’t be a second date. Your confidence exudes when you are able to know the perfect balance in conversation.

Complaining about your ex

No one wants to hear you go on and on about how much you were hurt by your ex. First of all, this gives the impression that you are negative. Secondly, your date will probably question whether you still have feelings for your ex. Nothing good will come out of this so it’s suggested that you leave the ex conversation for a later date.

Being negative

Being negative is the worst. Let’s say you go to dinner and your date complains about the food, the service, the semi-loud man at the table next to you, and more. This is extreme but there are definitely people like this. Being negative is so unattractive, negativty based first date mistakes will definitely cost you a second date.

Being flashy or cheap

Everyone has what they have, whether it’s a lot or a little, you still want to put your best foot forward. When you’re too flashy you often come off as entitled. You can show someone a good time without wanting recognition from everyone around you. On the opposite end, being too cheap can also be a turn-off. There’s nothing wrong with being frugal, but if you invite someone on a date you’ll probably be expected to pay. Don’t go to dinner and then tell the waiter there was hair in your food when the bill comes, just to get a free meal, There are so many fun dates that you can do for little or no money. You don’t have to go on a dinner date. Go to a park or cook someone dinner at your place.




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