Mindful Dating: How to Find your Perfect Match in a Crazy World

Hands up if you usually scroll through your favorite online dating app on your phone while watching TV. Do you find yourself agreeing to a date just because someone has asked you and you’re free on Thursday night? We’re probably all a bit guilty of approaching dating in a disengaged way – and feeling unfulfilled […]

Can You Find Your Soulmate and Fall in Love Online?

You feel like you’ve met the one. They’re cute, they’re funny, and you feel like you can both talk for days straight. You finish each other’s sentences and you love the same books and movies. You both have similar goals in life. If things look rosy, you might even see a future with this person.  […]

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Is It Real Love If I Met Them Online?

Have you had the experience of being super excited for a friend who just shared that they’re madly in love, until they tell you, “We finally get to meet in person next month!” Inside your head, you probably hear yourself say, “They’ve lost their mind!” It’s true that they have, indeed, temporarily lost their mind… […]


10 Last Minute, Dad-Approved Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Insert Image Before you even get a chance to pat yourself on the back for finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift, it’s time to start thinking about your dad. With Father’s Day right around the corner, Online Dating Life has rounded up the best gifts for all types of dads. Whether yours is a grill […]

5 Incredible Mother’s Day Gifts that Your Mom Will Love

Don’t wait until the last minute to find a gift for mom on Mother’s Day. While Mother’s Day is not about gifts, this is your opportunity to spoil your mother and show her how truly important she is to you. Dedicating the day to showing her how much you appreciate everything she does is a […]

Dream Singles Review Video

Dream Singles Review Video

In this video, we review the international dating site Dream Singles. We take an inside look into this site and give you a chance to see exactly what a user would see! You’ll get a look at the interface, pricing, and culture surrounding  Check out our Dream Singles review video. Is Dream Singles the right […]

Best International Dating Sites and Apps of 2019

Best International Dating Sites and Apps of 2021

Top 3 –  Best International Dating Sites and Apps of 2021 In 2021, nearly everybody utilizes web based dating sites and apps, yet most dating sites are intended to help singles meet somebody locally. Be that as it may, what if you are interested in someone abroad, exploring different cultures, or maybe you travel often […]

How to Make Her Feel Special

If you want to impress a woman or keep her by your side you have to make her feel special. When you do something to make her feel special, you will reap the benefits. She won’t be able to stop thinking about you. There are so many different ways to get her attention. Here are […]

first date mistakes

First Date Mistakes

You might be able to get dates, but if you can never get to the second date then you need to step up your dating skills. The truth is, you are probably doing some things wrong that won’t allow you to get to the second date. Here are 6 first date mistakes that can make someone […]

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How to Create an Enticing Dating Site Profile

Do you ever feel discouraged on dating websites? Maybe you aren’t getting the number of connections or swipes that you’d like. Maybe you are getting connections, but the people who are connecting with you aren’t up to the standards you want. Have you ever stepped back and thought, “maybe the problem is me?” Dating sites […]