10 quarantine takeaways

10 Quarantine Takeaways

When anything happens in our lives, we should take time to gather what we can takeaway from the situation. There are 10 quarantine takeaways that we’ve learned by observing others around the world. What has quarantine taught us as a society? What have we ultimately taken away as a result of this pandemic? Rise in […]

Using Love Languages for Better Relationships

Using Love Languages for Better Relationships

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of love languages. The idea comes from a New York Times best seller by Gary Chapman called The 5 Love Languages. Over the last few years, self reflection has become a source of mass interest. Grouped in with self care, reflection is a way people have learned to solve […]

online dating during a pandemic

Online Dating During a Pandemic

The coronavirus is a moment in history that we will no doubt look back at as a major moment in history. So many are feeling cooped up in their homes and are looking for ways to socialize without leaving their homes. That’s where online dating comes in! Online dating is a great way to be […]

hacking the horoscope

Hacking the Horoscope

Hacking the horoscope simply means to understand which zodiac signs are naturally supposed to be together. This will help you choose someone to start off on the right foot with as you explore online dating. Since you don’t have the pleasure of meeting them in person and getting a sense of their personality face-to-face, zodiac […]

3 most romantic gestures

3 Most Romantic Gestures

Let’s face it, romance will never be a thing that is not needed. Everyone wants to get swept off their feet, marry the love of their life and create their own fairy tale ending. Using these 3 most romantic gestures will keep you ahead of the game in your love life. When it comes to […]

third date tips you'll need

Third Date Tips

So you’ve made it past the first two dates and you seem to really like her. The third date seems a little more important. Your first date was probably pretty casual, maybe coffee? The second date was a little more formal, maybe drinks and a casual dinner? So what do you do for your third […]

spreading love during coronavirus

Spreading Love During Coronavirus

While there may be a huge concern for not spreading the coronavirus, one thing continues to spread: love. Copious amounts of people have found creative ways of spreading love during coronavirus, and it doesn’t include physical contact. If you want to find out how love is spreading during coronavirus, keep reading below. There are ample […]

first date ideas

First Date Ideas

Oftentimes, a first date is ruined by a simple lack of preparation. Doing anything in a frantic way will yield disastrous results. Having an arsenal of first date ideas will decrease your anxiety and boost your confidence. Even if you’ve been talking to your special someone online for a while, first dates are significant. They […]

Tips for the First Date After Meeting Online

Tips for the First Date After Meeting Online

With busy lives, our phones have turned into the nucleus for communication. Online dating is a new trend that seems to be taking over. Instead of meeting at a bar or through mutual friends, all you have to go off of is a profile. Online dating is a convenient way to meet people, but those […]

paid dating sites 2020

The Best Paid Dating Sites of 2020

Are paid sites better than free dating sites? There are so many dating sites out there, so why would you use a paid one? Well if you’re over the age of 30 and looking for a serious relationship, a paid dating site might be best for you. Unfortunately, free dating sites are often populated by […]