Using Storytelling to Attract Women

Let’s talk about a subject that is vital when it comes to meeting and holding the interest of women. Using storytelling to attract women is undeniably effective  and can make your desirability with women sky rocket.

Before we dive in, let’s find out what storytelling is and why it is important.

What is Storytelling?

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Storytelling is a direct means of communication when highlighting important parts of your life to the listener. Both context and delivery are vital to the art of storytelling.

It plays a large part in getting to know someone and creates ample topics to talk about. The best part of storytelling is that it can continue until you decide it has to end.

In “The Canterbury Tales” by Geoffrey Chaucer, each story is molded by the one told before it (don’t worry, your stories don’t have to rhyme). The thing to take away from reading these tales is how the stories are constructed. Also, the transitions from one story to the next are seamless. This is what you want your storytelling to embody.

Now that we understand what storytelling means, let’s uncover two myths regarding the matter of storytelling.

Myth #1: Your Stories Have to be True and About You.

Now this is ultimately your decision, but as long as you keep the conversation fun, apply the right storytelling techniques and keep the conversation moving, your story can be made-up.

Even if the women don’t believe the story, she will be entertained if you kept it fun. Oftentimes, your story can run into new conversation topics and this makes for a smooth talk.

Imaginationstorytelling to attract women imagination

Your mind is a canvas. Let your imagination paint stories where she gets involved and you both can create something together. While this can be exhilarating, we are not encouraging you to lie. Remember, the most powerful stories are ones that come from a real place of emotion.

The biggest misconception is not whether the stories have to be true, but rather does it have to be true about the storyteller. One of the main goals of storytelling is to communicate to the listener about you. Surprisingly, it is easier to convey things about yourself by HOW you tell a story, not the actual content of it.

Through the power of expressions, energy, and vivid language, you can convey things like dominance, humor, interests and overall personality. When applying the proper techniques of a story, you should be able to repeat what you heard on the news. This can help you display more of your personality.

Myth #2: As you get better with women, you become less dependent on storytelling.

Certainly, there is some truth to this myth. Usually, you do not go into interactions with formulated stories as much as you may starting out a date. However, storytelling develops your skills so you don’t have to rely on it over time.

Instead of going into an interaction with a predetermined story, share something in a way that makes her listen. This skill is enhanced by applying the art of storytelling. Learning and mastering storytelling is a great way to improve your skills with women (and social skills in general).

There are many reasons storytelling is important and if you are not currently utilizing storytelling then consider these following facts:

Save Dying Conversations

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This is one of the most common problems that I see with many guys. An interaction will be going great, then the conversation starts to die and there is that awkward silence. This is a great time to bust out a story from your arsenal and revive the interaction.

Knowing you are armed with a story creates more approach confidence when entering an interaction.

People are afraid to enter interactions because of the fear of running out of things to say. By developing a great story or two and keeping them in your back pocket for when you need them creates a great since of confidence during the initial approach and can really help limit the anxiety that one gets when approaching a beautiful woman. You are guaranteed that the interaction will last at least the length of your story.

Display Dominance

When you use storytelling to attract women, all eyes are on you. Not only are you are the center of attention, but you also have her lingering to your every word. Holding her attention through storytelling puts you in a dominant frame. When you’re the leader of the interaction, she is a listener who is awaiting where you take her next.

What you convey through your stories is how you will be remembered. So make sure you are setting up a message that she won’t forget.

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Unlike most things you say during an interaction, a good story is unforgettable. How many times have you had someone tell you about some crazy story that one of their friends told them? Stories have been passed down for ages. It is an old custom and still exists till this day. Your special lady should be able to look back on the interaction and say “oh yeah, that was the guy who (insert interesting story here).”

Develop Stronger Social Skills

When you use storytelling to attract women, you learn to capture the her attention. Also, you get familiar with directly conveying your personality. The skills that are developed from strong storytelling carry over into your social personality that make all conversation with you more exciting and vivid. The expressiveness you show in stories ties into your future interactions and directly improves your social personality.

Convey Ideas Better

There may be some interesting details of your life that may come off as bragging. But in a story, these little details are never the subject of the story. Because of this, they remain subtle yet powerful when displaying aspects of your identity.

Now that you have an idea of why you could use storytelling to attract women, let’s create your own powerful story.

Exercise 1: For five to seven minutes, write down moments in your life that changed or defined who you are.

If you have a funny story, feel free to include it. But even if the story does not seem major, you remembering it means it has a bigger effect than you realize.

This can be happy, fun, or even sad (not depressing) but we do learn through negative experiences. We will eventually cut these down to just a couple stories in Part II but for now I just want you to get into the habit of taking note of interesting experiences in your life.

Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Now I know that there are going to be people that say they have no interesting stories. This is just not the truth; everyone has something interesting that has shaped who they are. Using storytelling to attract women in this way will work wonders. So do not be modest; even if it’s a silly story, write it down. You can’t be afraid to share a story, sometimes they are hard to think of and if you really can’t think of a past story, starting paying more attention to your everyday life. And if you still cant think of one then go take a vacation, you will return with hundreds of them.

So many things happen in one day that people don’t even think would be a story. But every past event being told is a story. There is no excuse not to have one.

Exercise Two: Write down at least 5 things that you would like people to know about you.

This is going to tie into personality conveying. Think of the things that you would like any friend or new acquaintance to know about you. These are the things that directly relate to your identity and make you who you are. Do not be surprised if these things are directly related in some way to the stories you wrote down in exercise one.

Ideas: Hobbies, Sports you play, instruments you play, your job, your goals, your skills, and achievements.

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