Typecasting While Dating: Are You Being Profiled?

So let’s get to the bottom of this: what exactly is “typecasting” and what does it mean for your online dating life? Simply put, typecasting means you only date people based on their Myers-Briggs or Love Language compatibility test. In our article Typecasting While Dating: Are You Being Profiled, we will take a look at the personality traits that your date could be calculating over the phone for you. When your personality is profiled, it could help or hurt your chances of dating that special someone. When personality tests are used to profile dates, it can close the door on ample opportunities that could have come your way.

What is a Myers-Briggs Personality Test? 

It’s hard to not think of the movie Split when someone brings up personalities. But when we say personality, we mean getting down to the nitty gritty of one dominant personality trait you have. There are 16 personality types involved in the Myers-Briggs test  and you answer questions to see which one fits you the best. After taking your test, it is tempting to see which personality type you think you would have a good relationship with. Let’s take a look at some of these personalities. They are ultimately housed under 4 categories: Analysts, Diplomats, Sentinels and Explorers.


typecasting while dating are you being profiled


If you are an imaginative and strategic person who has a plan for everything, others may view you as an Architect personality type. It takes a special person to be strategic and imaginative at the same time. You are rare and should be treated like a diamond. If your date doesn’t appreciate these qualities about you, keep it moving.


Are you someone who thirsts for knowledge? Do others see you as innovative and inventive? Well, your date may be checking off the boxes for the Logician personality type. A date may see you as never being satisfied and may feel the need to compete for your attention. 


If you are a bold and strong-willed leader, others may see you as the Commander personality type. Don’t worry, it isn’t as bad as it sounds. Making a way when everyone else has given up around you is an admirable quality. Don’t try to downplay it, not even for the cutest girl or most attractive guy.


When you jump into a conversation with someone, are you looking for intellectual challenge? Can’t help being a curious thinker all the time? We have some good news for you. The Debater is your dominant personality type. Many people say they want to be with someone they can have an intellectual conversation with and you would fit that need perfectly. Be sure to find someone who appreciates this quality you have. Others may find it intimidating or annoying.


typecasting while dating are you being profiled


Let’s discuss the first personality type under the Diplomats category. Do you find a lot of people telling you how quiet and mystical you are? Do you happen to be inspiring? You may belong to the Advocate personality type.


If you are an altruistic person who is always eager to help a good cause, you could fall into the Mediator personality type. Do others say you often speak poetically? Then you definitely fall under this category.


Do you have a way with words? Have others defined you as being particularly charismatic? If so, the Protagonist personality type may suit you better than the rest.


No matter where you are or who you’re with, are you enthusiastic? Do you consider yourself to be a free spirit who enjoys socializing? Is smiling your ultimate hobby? Without doubt, you belong to the Campaigner personality type.



If you are practical and fact-minded, it is likely that you are the Logistician personality type. Do people often tell you they are happy that you are so reliable? That is just one of the admirable traits of this personality type. 


Are you dedicated to protecting others? When it comes down to it, are you always ready to defend your loved ones? Well, you are staring the Defender personality type right in the face. People may be turned off by your need to defend all the time, but you do it out of love. And if love is the base of your decision, don’t be swayed into another direction.


Do you think it’s relatively easy to manage things and people? You could be an Executive personality type at heart. Some people may view this personality as bossy and rude, but that isn’t always the case. You just know what you want and what it takes to get it done. Seems like a pretty positive personality trait for handling the upheavals of life. Consider yourself a gem among rubble.


Have you always been popular among people? Do you consider yourself to be social and caring for others? Well, you may be barking up the tree of Consul regarding personality types. There are just some people that naturally draw others to them. They are like a magnet and if you have these qualities, you can consider yourself a magnet too. Others could view popular people as too accommodating and people-pleasers, but when you really get to know a popular person, you’ll understand why others like them so much. If you have a Consul personality, keep it up!



When it comes to being a bold and practical experimenter, are you at the top of the list? If so, then you fit nicely into the Virtuoso personality type.Sometimes people need a little help trying things out and getting their hands dirty. Because you live by this principle, they can see what it is like to be bold. Many people are afraid to make mistakes, but how will you learn if you don’t try?


Is adventure your middle name? Are you flexible, charming and always ready to explore something new? Well friend, you are undeniably a part of the Adventurer personality type. Changes, cancellations and postponements just don’t bother you. Being flexible in a relationship is a major skill to have and it keeps the atmosphere light. So don’t be afraid to be yourself.


Do you consider yourself upbeat and perceptive? Do you find living on the edge to be the ultimate thrill? Not many people have the entrepreneurial spirit, but you certainly do. This personality type pairs great with a person who really wants to be more adventurous, but just doesn’t know how. You could show them how to live life on the wild side for a while. 


Are you spontaneous and welcome being the life of the party? Is your energy level high and are you incessantly enthusiastic? Others will be sure to associate you with the Entertainer personality. Honestly, everyone loves a wonderful entertainer. There are some who pretend that this comes naturally, but when you see a true entertainer at heart, you will recognize it immediately. We all need that one person to liven up our lives when we just get too serious about it. Know who you are and own your superpower.

To wrap up, we hope you found our article Typecasting While Dating: Are You Being Profiled helpful and insightful. As you are continuing your dating journey online, be keen to people who try to figure you out too quickly, only to dismiss you just as fast. If you are interested in learning about the 5 Love Languages personality test, click here.

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