Is Dream Singles Real?

There’s a common misconception that international dating websites are all fake. The truth is, it’s all about finding a site that is trustworthy. We have gotten a lot of questions regarding asking ‘Is Dream Singles Real?’ In this article, we will explore their website and show you why we have come to the conclusion that, in fact, Dream Singles is Real. The truth is found in their results.

When you first get on Dream Singles, you are bombarded by messages from women, which can be overwhelming. This might already raise a red flag for you and it would be understandable to ask yourself: Is Dream Singles Real? But there is a 7 to 1 ratio of women to men on this website. What does that mean? THE WOMEN WILL BE COMPETITIVE. Each woman wants to get your attention. Not only are you looking for someone special, but they are also on the same journey.

Dream Singles just hit its 16-year mark and has an upstanding reputation in the international dating world. Their website hosts thousands of beautiful women that are looking to find love. Women in Russia and Ukraine outnumber women by about 10.5 million so it’s not surprising that they are looking in other locations. Studies show that Slavic women are especially looking for western men. There is a 7 to 1 ratio of women to men on Dream Singles so possible connections are never in short supply.

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Reviews & Success Stories

In fact, Dream Singles is the longest standing international dating website. It’s been around for 16 years and has been the meeting point of many relationships and even marriages. The Success Stories that are showcased  are a great testament to this. You see real people are meeting and experiencing genuine connections. There are over 1000 success stories and the number grows with each month.

SiteJabber is a trusted source for reviews and they give 4.5 stars. You can see the reviews in detail here. After reading the reviews on this website, note that they often rave about the great security that is offered by the site, the number of high-quality ladies who are really looking for love, the video/chat features and so much more.

Dream Singles Features

This website is one of the best international dating websites out there because it offers numerous features to users. These features include:

  • Profiles
  • Video Chat
  • Voice Chat
  • Video Messages
  • Serious Dater Program
  • Singles Tours
  • Gift Shop
  • Favorites
  • Advanced Search Features
  • & More!

Here are some of our favorites in detail:


If you are asking ‘Is Dream Singles Real’, the best place to start your search is the features. The women on this website are required to fill out an extremely in-depth questionnaire including their age, education, and even questions such a what an ideal relationship is for them. So if you went to their profile you would see their physical characteristics as well as get an idea of the character. Dream Singles wants you to find someone you would actually be compatible too, so take advantage of this and read through some of the profiles.

All of the female users go through a validation process to ensure that they are who they say they are. According to the Anti-Scam Protection Policy on, all of the women are randomly audited to make sure that they are not taking advantage of anyone.


Being so far from your love interest can be hard. Luckily the 21st century gives us the capabilities to get past this with video and text chat. Just like other online dating platforms, chatting with the women on the site will help you build the foundations of your relationship before meeting them. It’s a good idea to do this so that you can dig deeper into your relationship.

The Anti-Scam Protection Policy requires that all of the women on the site must have a working webcam so they can communicate with you. This ensures that you are talking to a real person and not a bot. Dream Singles has many safety requirements to preserve the integrity of itself and its users.

Singles Tours:

If you are asking ‘Is Dream Singles Real’, one of the best sources of proof is this feature. Dream Singles actually invites men to travel to Ukraine to meet some of the women from the site. It gives you a chance to go in person and meet new people. Or you can choose to see the person you have been talking to. Being that this tour is facilitated by the Dream Singles team, you will always have a translator on hand. The experience includes multiple outings such as speed dating, romantic picnics, singles night and so much more. You also have the opportunity to take women to one-on-one dates.

“I thought the tour staff did an outstanding job setting up the events & assisting the guests.  I wasn’t sure what to expect coming on the tour but I had a good time & I got to meet who I really wanted to meet so in that respect yes I guess you could say my expectations were met. I think the most memorable events on the tour were the picnic & the tour of the city which I enjoyed very much. Yes, I would recommend Dream tours to other single guys.  I think I may have found my Love on this tour & its something I will never forget. Thanks for everything. “ -Derek, United States


We know that safety is a huge reason why you would ask ‘Is Dream Singles Real.’ When dealing with an international dating website, safety is always a big concern. You want to make sure you aren’t getting scammed. This was mentioned earlier, but the website has an Anti-Scam Protection Policy which states the safety measures that are taken in order to ensure the safety of its users.

Here are some of the highlights of the Anti-Scam Protection Policy:

Confirmed Profiles:

As you browse, you might notice a “confirmed profile” icon on the top right corner of a woman’s profile. This confirmed profile means that the lady has met with a local representative who has verified their background and passport. The representative also certifies that the woman is single and really looking to meet someone through Dream Singles. Dream Singles has a “no scam” tolerance and there are strict penalties for women with fraudulent profiles.

Validity Audits:

The local representatives keep up with the women and verify their profiles by conducting random calls where they must prove they are the person behind the screen. They guarantee that these calls are made periodically protecting against possible shams.

Chat, Live Video, and Video Clips:

As we mentioned earlier, Dream Singles requires the women to have webcam access as another way to verify their identity. This is a way that you can personally confirm their identity. Being nervous about international dating because of scams is common. You can personally make sure this isn’t the case by doing a live video chat or sending video clips back and forth. 

Is Dream Singles Real?

Have you been struggling while looking for an international dating website? Don’t feel discouraged. Dream Singles is a website that has shown the results of its success. But don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself. Right now, there is a limited time offer where you can get access to the website for just $1. Give Dream Singles a chance and maybe you can find love like so many others.

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