Best International Dating Sites and Apps of 2021

Top 3 –  Best International Dating Sites and Apps of 2021

In 2021, nearly everybody utilizes web based dating sites and apps, yet most dating sites are intended to help singles meet somebody locally. Be that as it may, what if you are interested in someone abroad, exploring different cultures, or maybe you travel often and need some guidance on where to start looking.

best interntional dating sites 2019

There can be many reasons that you may look for a partner outside of the United States. Many have become weary of America’s dating culture and waning dating values. Some just enjoy the thrill of meeting people outside of the bar, and the excitement that comes with traveling.
Combine travel with dating, and you are living life to the fullest.

Online Dating Life is here to help you find the Top 3 International Dating Sites

If you are searching for the best international dating site, these made our list:

1. Dream Singles

This #1 niche dating site has a very functional and dynamic mobile app. You can enjoy video chat, letters and flirts! Chatting with singles online has never been easier and if you really like someone, you can save them as a favorite. This app features a free 3-day trial, advanced search and the ability to receive push notifications when matches visit your profile.

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Cultural studies are showing an alarming (and exciting trend). Russian women are looking for connections with Western men more than ever. At the same time, American Men, men are becoming more interested in beautiful women abroad.

Russian women are strong with a traditional core value system that is slowly eroding in America (loyalty, integrity, respect,). We are seeing a drift away from these core principles that so many people raised on, creating a disconnect in dating.

This cultural and regional shift is addressed by the Dream Single’s platform. They have been connecting Russian and Ukrainian women with their ideal western man for over 15 years – and to this day remains the most trusted name in the industry.

best international dating sites

  • 7 Women for every Man
  • Easy and accurate match-making algorithm
  • Advanced Searching Features
  • Validated, Real Profiles
  • #1 Ranked International Dating Site
  • Voice and Online Chat Features
  • Access Private Photos and Videos 
  • All profiles independently verified as genuine
  • Advanced data and scam protection services 

Dream Singles Best International Dating Site 2019

best international dating sites of 2019

2. Russian Girls Online

Similar to Dream Singles, is a platform to connect men with the most beautiful Ukranian women online. They offer an extensive library of helpful articles to help you understand more about the russian culture – improving your odds of success. And you don’t even have to enter your information to freely roam the site and get a feel for their offerings.

what is the best international dating site
  • 100% validated profiles
  • Extended scam protection
  • Clean User Interface
  • Hundreds of Women Online Daily
  • No sign up required to browse
  • 100% Profile Verification 
  • Scam/Data Protection Technology
  • Extensive blog of helpful dating articles

Russian Girls Online - Best International Dating App 2019

best site international dating site reviews


Match is one of the original players in the game. And while the industry has evolved around Match, which started off as a local dating site, Match has its own search and that extends up to 25 countries and eight languages, so you can find companionship almost anywhere.

  • Self Learning Matching Algorithm
  • Longer Approval Time
  • Easy Interface
  • Higher Monthly Subscription Costs
  • Best for local dating, but offers international 
  • Easy Profile Discovery
  • Scam/Data Protection - international dating site 2019

what is best international dating site?

Some find the size of the user database overwhelming and can be uncertain where to start. If you know what region you are looking at like Russian or Ukraine, Dream Singles is going to be a much more direct approach.

If you travel the world and won’t find yourself in the Ukrainian region anytime soon, may not be the best fit for you. When searching for the Best International Dating site, you want to ensure the site matches your lifestyle and hobbies. Or you may decide to step outside of your comfort zone and go an adventure.

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