3 Reasons She Doesn’t Text Back

Do you find yourself always reaching out to your special lady? Have you noticed that she just doesn’t respond to you lately? Know the 3 reasons she doesn’t text you back so you can stop wondering. Why spend your time thinking about someone who clearly doesn’t think about you? Time is a precious thing and you certainly don’t want to waste it on someone who doesn’t take you seriously. So what are the real reasons she doesn’t text you back?

She’s Bored

The first reason she doesn’t text you back is because she’s probably bored. Do you feel like you have to strain to get a conversation out of her? When you ask her a question, does she give you a one-word answer? These could be signs that your special lady is just bored with you. Try mixing up the conversation. If your topics are always predictable, she won’t want to participate after a while. 

She Lost Interest

The second reason why she doesn’t text you back is because she may have lost interest. Though this may be hard to deal with, you have to face the truth if this is your reality. Have you reached out to her with no luck and realized moments later that she was on social media? Not only does this mean she has lost interest in you, but she may not even care to let you know. If it takes her days to respond to you when it used to take minutes, her interest in you may be dwindling fast. The best thing to do is communicate with her about her changed behavior. If things remain the same, you know what you have to do. Say goodbye and don’t look at the rear view.

She Talks to Multiple Guys

The last reason as to why she doesn’t text you back involves her just being too busy. Too busy texting other guys, that is. It can be hard juggling four or five conversations at once and remembering to respond to everyone. While it is best practice to always date one person at a time, some women just don’t follow this method. If her mind isn’t occupied with you, she may be giving her attention to other people. Don’t allow her or anyone to waste your time. If you feel like she doesn’t talk to you enough, say something. If things don’t change, move on. Cold, maybe, but you’ll thank yourself later.


Now that you know the 3 reasons she doesn’t text back, you can stop obsessing over her silence. If she doesn’t feel like you are worth her time, don’t give her your attention anymore. It’s not about hurting her, but rather, it is about understanding your real worth. You deserve to be with someone who enjoys spending time with you. You shouldn’t have to force your significant other to do something as simple as have a conversation with you. If you are in this situation, do what you need to do to take care of yourself first. Remember, you are the most important person in your life.

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